Package service of slide viewer with clock for iPhone application


A campany of content folder can use 'iClockViewer' and make an application of slide viewer with clock easily and smoothly.

We provide a tool that can edit content on PC. Content folder make resouces with the tool for iPhone. After made the resouces, we produce an application and submit to Apple store.
The tool will be able to edit images and texts easily and smoothly.

The cost is 100,000 Yen with the our package. (until 2009.10)
We can offer revenew shear by content and we have other special plan.

※ attention
We don't touch content of crime and obscene.



・Provide our tool for editing
・Produce application of iPhone with your content

Features of viewer

・Slide viewer
・Show and hide option of clock
・list of content
・description screen of content

Option(Used network)

・Web link
・Vote system of content

Nyoro iClockViewer

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